Насос скважинный 4WN

Макс. глубина погружения: 150 м
  • Water supply from deep wells, cisterns and tanks
  • Watering and irrigation
  • Pressure boosting and fountains
  • Fire-fighting systems
  • Описание

4” borehole pumps in AISI304


  • Outer casing made of thick stainless steel, for maximum durability
  • Discharge head and motor bracket made of cast stainless steel for maximum stability
  • Non-return valve made of stainless steel: prevents any water backflow and reduces pressure surges
  • Stage casing, shaft, motor coupling and intake filter made of stainless steel to guarantee a problem-free, long service life and high operating safety
  • Floating-mount impellers made of Noryl and polycarbonate glass-fibre reinforced diffusors to guarantee maximum durability and a constant high degree of efficiency
  • All materials are in accordance with FDA standards
  • Mounting specification according to NEMA standards

Technical features

  • Pumped medium: clean, non corrosive and non-abrasive liquid
  • Maximum permissible sand content: 150 g/m3
  • Immersion depth: max 150 m
  • Maximum pump overall diameter (cable guard included): 98 mm

Discharge sizes

  • Models from 4WN1 to 4WN4: Rp 1 ¼”
  • Models 4WN5: Rp 1 ½”
  • Models from 4WN6 to 4WN15: Rp 2”

Conformity to EuP Regulation 547/2012

  • Models from 4WN1 to 4WN5: compliant to EuP Directive (MEI Index>0,4)
  • Models from 4WN6 to 4WN15: currently not compliant to EuP Directive (available only for extra EU countries or for fire-fighting applications)


  • 4WN pumps can be fitted with:
  • 4” Oil Filled Rewindable Motors
  • 4” Water Filled Motors


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